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Jeff Skierka Designs Mixtape Table

05 February 2013



Go round to Jeff Skierka's house for a coffee and you would be hard pressed to ignore the striking centrepiece. Meticulous detail and endless passion, following a 5 year period to realise his project, have resulted in this stunning nostalgic coffee table by the Seattle based designer and we admire that sort of commitment. The classic cassette design is an exact 12:1 scale replica of the original measurements which were amalgamated from various cassette dimensions (all subtly different in their aesthetic) whilst maintaining the key design elements he wished to communicate. The high quality product was aptly ready for market just in time for the 50th anniversary of the iconic cassette tape after implementing a new dowelling system to facilitate mass production, every one of which is handcrafted to order in Seattle.



The Mixtable on Vimeo


Having a trusted team assembled for the project was important to Jeff, as he knows he has people on board who are as passionate about the build as he is and it enables him to oversee every stage of the manufacture as well as supporting local trade. The same goes for the locally sourced materials evident in the design, particularly the Maple, Birch and Walnut timber. The wood and glass top sits on hand bent steel legs which are the same size as the walnut 'tape'.


Mixtape _Index _Image


Mixtape _Index _Image _3




Mixtape _Index _Image _5


If you are interested in purchasing the table then email jeffskierkadesigns@gmail.com to place your order (international shipping available).


And yes before you ask, the table is completely reversible and stamped both A & B on either side!


Here's a breakdown of the materials used in the design:



  • Solid Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Maple veneer on both sides
  • Solid American Walnut "tape"
  • Solid Maple side tracks & gears
  • Hand-rubbed oil finish
  • Hand-assembled
  • 30" x 47 1/4"
  • 17 5/8" high with base
  • Approximate weight of 150lbs



  • 3/8" low iron glass
  • Polished beveled edge
  • Hand polished interior cut



  • 1/4" x 2 1/2" hand bent steel legs
  • Matte silver powder coat
  • Solid Baltic Birch platform
  • Non-slip, non-marking rubber


by Chris Johnstone