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Polphail; the lost Village

11 December 2012


There are a few places on Earth that when visited instil a genuine sense of awe and intrigue within the observer, Polphail village on the banks of Loch Fyne on Scotland's West Coast is one of these places.

Constructed in the 1970s, the village was intended to be home to 500 workers, an integral part of a plan to build concrete oil rigs at the construction yard in local Portavadie. However, no construction materialised and the village was never inhabited. Beds were never slept in, washing machines never turned a cycle, keys still wait patiently to be collected.

Lying abandoned for the following decades, buildings have begun to succumb to the relentless battering of Scottish weather, and the invasion of mother nature. Having never had a human inhabitant, Polphail is now a sanctuary for opportunistic bats. Being a protected species, the bats have gained squatters rights, and any future development would have to ensure their safe relocation.

In 2009, six artists known as Agents of Change visited Polphail and decorated many of the buildings blank walls with graffiti art. This artwork serves to deepen the ghostliness of a grand vision that was never realised.



The structure of the village centre remains largely intact.


Carpets are hidden beneath layers of sludge


You get the feeling someone is watching you




article by Chris Morris